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System constants

*Values represents context related values, that can differ from mapping to mapping. A *Value represents a concrete value that can change without assigning a new value.

Basically a *Value is a type of placeholder, that returns the current value at the time of processing.

For example: *BASE.DATE8 is a value which will send the current date at the time of processing in the ISO0-Format (CYYMMDD).

There are basically three groups of *Values:

MODULE is the ID of the corresponding module. Therefore there is more than one group of module related *Values, that are viewed as a single group.

Only the core-*VALUES were discussed in this chapter. The module specific *Values are discussed in Module Specific Configuration and Properties.

Using constants in mapping

To assign a constant to a node, you must:

Step 1:

Right-click on the appropriate point and set a constant value in the context menue.

Schritt 2:

In the next window click on the star and choose the desired constant


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