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The group BASE contains basic *values especially in the area date and time.

Constant NameDescription
*BASE.DATE.DATE6 Current date in the format YYMMDD
*BASE.DATE.DATE7 Current date in the format CYYMMDD
*BASE.DATE.DATE8 Current date in the format YHYYMMDD
*BASE.DATE.EUR Current date in the format YYYY.MM.DD
*BASE.DATE.ISO Current date in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD  
*BASE.DATE.USA Current date in the format YYYY/MM/DD 
*BASE.TIME.EURCurrent time in Euro format HH:mm:ss
*BASE.TIME.ISOCurrent time in ISO format
*BASE.TIME.TIME4Current time in HHMM 
*BASE.TIME.TIME6Current time in HHMMSS 
*BASE.TIME.TIMESTAMP Current time stamp in ISO format 
*BASE.TIME.USACurrent time in USA format HH:mm AM 
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