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ZF2INVTP - Detailed information on payment terms

Column name

In use?StatusColumn definitionColumn descriptionTechnical termExample
VARCHAR(15)Internal pagination numberInternal invoice number (i-effect column)

Order of Payment Term

Order of payment terms
TPTEXTxoptionalVARCHAR(255)Description of Payment TermTerms of payment
TPPAMDxoptionalDATE '0001-01-01'Due Datedue date of payment2018-12-24
TPPAPMIDxoptionalVARCHAR(15)mandate referenceIdentification of the mandate reference
TPPAPAHAxoptionalDECIMAL(15, 2)Amount of instalmentAmount of the partial payment
Detailed information on payment surcharges (optional)
TPPAPTDxoptionalDATE '0001-01-01'Refernce Date of maturityReference date of maturity2018-12-18
TPPAPTMPxoptionalINTEGERMaturity periodDue date10
TPPAPTMPUxrequired wenn TPPAPTMP gefüllt ist.VARCHAR(10)Maturity period, (Unit)Maturity period, unitDAY
TPPAPTBAxoptionalDECIMAL(15, 2)Basic amount of Payment surchargeBasisbetrag des Zahlungszuschlags102.10
TPPAPTPVxoptionalDECIMAL(6, 2)Percentage of payment surchargePercentage value of the payment surcharge19.00
TPPAPTAPMxoptionalDECIMAL(15, 2)Amount of Payment surchargeAmount of the payment surcharge45.00
Detailed information on payment discounts (optional)
TPPADTDxoptionalDATE '0001-01-01'Refernce Date of maturityReference date of maturity2018-12-14
TPPADTMPxoptionalINTEGERMaturity periodDue date5
TPPADTMPUxequired wenn TPPADTMP gefüllt ist.VARCHAR(10)Maturity period, (Unit)Maturity period, unitDAY
TPPADTBAxoptionalDECIMAL(15, 2)Base amount of the payment discountBase amount of the payment discount100.00
TPPADTPVxoptionalDECIMAL(6, 2)Percentage of payment discountPercentage value of the payment budget billing amount7.00
TPPADTAPMxoptionalDECIMAL(15, 2)Amount of Payment discountAmount of the payment instalment21.00
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