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i-effect *OCSP is setup using a configuration dialog. To open the configuration dialog open the installation directory of i-effect - the integrated solution for IBM System i - and the sub directory OCSP.
In order to run the i-effect *OCSP dialog Java Runtime Edition Version 5 or higher must be installed on the client PC. The file "ocspConfigurationGUI.jar" is in the sub folder OCSP. Double clicking on it opens the configuration dialog.

Program- Settings

The following explains the individual setting options in detail:

Server Configuration
Bind to IPThis is the IP Address, to which i-effect *OCSP-Subsystem is bound, to receive incoming verification jobs. The default value "localhost" has been preset.
Bind to PortThe port, to which the i-effect *OCSP- Subsystem is bound, to receive incoming verification jobs. The default "22010" has been preset.
Directory Configuration
Standard Error DirectoryThe directory where all files that could not be verified are stored.
Keystore Configuration
PasswordThe password that allows access to the keystore by the subsystem. Changing the password does not change the existing password of the keystore!
Confirm PasswordEnter the password again to confirm that entry was correct.
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