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Keystore-Administration with Portecle

For key pair and partner certificates administration the program "i-effect®Keymanager", included in delivery, can be used. "i-effect®Keymanager" is a program to generate, administrate and check keystores, keys, certificates, certificate requests and certificate responses. The program "i-effect®Keymanager" is used to administrate key pairs and partner certificates. It is an Open Source program under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and can therefore be used unrestrictedly. After successful installation of i-effect®, "i-effect®Keymanager" is to be found under the name i-effect-Keymanager.jar in /i-effect//CRYPT/tools.

Version 1.1 offers the following functions:

  • generate, load, save, delete and convert keystores and keystore entries.
  • generate DSA and RSA key pairs with self-signed X.509 certificates
  • import X.509 certificates
  • import key paires from PKCS#12 (Public Key Cryptography Standards) files
  • password assignment and adminstration for key pairs and keystores- detailed display of keystore certificates and key pairs
  • export function for keystore entries into several formats
  • generate certificate requests (CSRs)
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