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i-effect *OCSP - At a Glance

  • Secure Closed System Environment when used on IBM i
  • Legally Valid Verification
  • High Capacity Mass Verification of Invoices
  • Completely integrated into i-effect V2R1 - the integrated solution IBM i
  • i-effect *OCSP (*OCSP) is the signature verification module of i-effect - the inte-grated solution for IBM i - (i-effect); it can verify files in general and PDF or EDIFACT specifically according to the requirements of the German Signature ordi-nances (SigV) and German Signature Law (SigG). A manufacturers declaration has be registered for i-effect *OCSP, according to the requirements of SigV und SigG.
  • i-effect *OCSP's software is written in the Java programming language that re-quires a Java Runtime Edition of 5.0 or higher. The required PTFs/GroupPTFs and/or license programs must also be installed on the IBM i. System requirements can be viewed on our website
  • i-effect *OCSP is the actual module that is responsible for generation of qualified verification reports in PDF format.
  • Bei i-effect *OCSP is a subsystem that runs independently from other i-effect - the in-tegrated solution for IBM System i - modules. It provides a service for the "CRTOCSP" command, in order to be able to receive and process verification jobs. The subsystem binds itself to a configurable IP Address (and Port-Number) on the IBM i-System.
  • i-effec - the integrated solution for System i - creates a verification job using the „CRTOCSP" command and passes it to the i-effect *OCSP Module, which then runs the signature verification in the form of a Service and/or Subsystems on the IBM i.
  • i-effect *OCSP works to guarantee a high level of security in a closed system environment.

i-effect OCSP - Safe from Manipulation

To meet the requirements of German signature law, i-effect *OCSP has been equipped with a mechanism to detect manipulation to the software.
In addition, the program file of i-effect *OCSP can be tested for integrity as described in greater detail in the section „Installation".
Successful verification guarantees that i-effect *OCSP's program file is an original and has not been manipulated.

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