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The new graphic installation of i-effect supports the user with many functions to ensure a completely automatic and trouble free installation.

The advantages:

  • Installation on any Client PC with JAVA-capability. No need for an access to the computer centre.
  • Dynamic and XML-controlled installation process
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Support for re-installation, updates and upgrades
  • Automatic check of system requierements. Detection of missing PTFs, license-programs or restricted system objects
  • Selective module installation
  • Installation of additional modules during an update/upgrade
  • Selective installation of language packages
  • Installation of additional languages during an update/upgrade
  • Support for iASP-installation
  • Detailled protocolls and access on the entire job protocoll of the installation
  • Automatic backups and recovery at update/upgrade
  • Automatic download of the selected modules from the Internet


The installer can be downloaded from our website after completing the download form. See Download

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