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Installation of necessary programs

Java Runtime Edition 5

The current version of Java Runtime Edition (JRE) can be downloaded from the Sun Microsystems website. The corresponding installation guide will also be available on the webside.
Alternatively, a Java Runtime Edition installation file is included in the installation volume and can also be used. If you prefer to use this Runtime, you can open the installation file by double clicking. For the installation, please follow the installation instructions.


The installation of the appropriate software for the SmartCard is also required. It is also important to follow the legal guidelines for the generation of digital signatures. Restrictions for SmartCards may differ depending on the country.
The support of one additional signature creation device was integrated for Switzerland. Along with SmartCards from SwissCom that are based on CardOS 4.3B from Siemens, eTokens from Aladdin with qualified certificates from QuoVadis can also be used.
Middleware will either be provided by us or will be included with the SmartCard by the certification provider.

Supported MiddlewareOnly middleware that has a PKCS#11 standard interface can be used. The following is a list of compatible SmartCard-software-combinations and the countries in which they can be used.
Nexus Personal
Version: 4.6 or higher
PKCS#11 Library: personal.dll
(Standard) Path to PKCS#11-Library: Program FilesPersonalbin

Nexus Personal software will be included on the D-Trust installation CD/DVD. Start the file "PersonalSetup.exe" from the directory "NexusPersonal" from the CD and follow the installation instructions.

Supported SmartCard:D-Trust multicard (Germany)
Siemens CardAPI
Version: 3.11 or higher
PKCS#11 Library: siecap11.dll
(Standard) Path to PKCS#11-Library: WINDOWSsystem32

The middleware CardAPI from Siemens will either be provided on the installation CD or by the supplier.
To install the software, go to the subdirectory "Setup" of "Microsoft_Windows" of CardAPI Software and run the file "Setup.exe". Follow the installation instructions.

Supported SmartCard:Cards with Siemens CardOS 4.3B (Switzerland)
Aladdin PKIClientVersion: 4.5 or higher
PKCS#11-Library: eTPKCS11.dll
(Default-)Path of the PKCS#11-Library: Windowssystem32

When using an Aladdin eToken, the software PKI Client from Aladdin is included on the installation media. Call up the "PKIClient-x32-X.xx.msi" from the directory "04_MiddlewareAladdin eToken PKI Client" on the CD and follow the installation instructions.

Supported SmartCard: eToken Pro 64K (4.2B) (Switzerland)
A-Trust a.sign Client
Version: 1.2.x or higher
PKCS#11-Library: asignp11.dll
(Default-)Path of the PKCS#11-Library: Windowssystem32

When using a a.sign Premium SmartCard, the software a.sing Client from A-Trust is included on the installation media. Call up the file "acSetup.exe" from the directory "04_Middleware A-Trust aSign" on the CD and follow the installation instructions.

Supported SmartCard:a.sign Premium (Austria)

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.x

The Setup file for the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 can be found on the installation CD.

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