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Index values of the *EMAIL module

The EMAIL module writes (like other communication modules in i-effect) index values for better tracking and processing of incoming and outgoing e-mails. The logged index values can be found at Monitoring → Index Search.

This article gives exclusions about which values are written in the default configuration:

INDEX VALUEExample valueDescription

The sender address of an e-mail operation.

A SNDEMAIL command is the e-mail address with which i-effect has sent an e-mail.


The unique message ID with the following structure:


EMAIL_SENDDATEThu, 17 Oct 2019 10:26:00 +0200 (CEST)

The sender's date of dispatch.

EMAIL_SUBJECTHello World (Test E-Mail)The subject of the e-mail.

The recipient of the message.

For SNDEMAIL command the address to which an e-mail was sent.

ORIGINATOR4399901544994The sender of the message from the partner master.
RECIPIENT4399901544994The recipient of the message from the partner master.
TYPEDATAData has been sent.
TYPEARCHIVData has been archived.
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