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With the e-mail module of i-effect you have the possibility to send and/or receive e-mail. With the e-mail module, you have the option of either maintaining the settings of the e-mail module itself, in order to send and receive e-mail, or maintaining the so-called communication profiles. The advantage of communication profiles is that you can create as many profiles as you like.

With the help of the following articles you can define the settings of the e-mail module:

Module configuration E-Mail
Module configurationModul configuration of E-Mail-Modul
Communication Profiles
Retrieve (receive) e-mailsConfigure E-Mail receiver profile
Send e-mailConfigure E-Mail sender profile

The following commands are also available:

An overview of the index values written by the EMAIL module is given in the following article: Index values of the *EMAIL module

Information on monitoring is provided in the following article: Monitoring of E-Mail in- and outbox in i-effect

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