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Inbound documents

The page Inbound documents gives information on incoming documents.

Possible activities on this page:


Filter settings can also be made in this menu item at any time in order to select the necessary information more quickly. In the filter settings of this page, in addition to the search field, it is also possible to filter by process number, file ID, session number, date and time for creation, modification, registration and archiving, as well as by module name, status, archive status and message type. In addition, a text search is possible in the Recipient Name, Internal Recipient ID, Sender Name and Internal Sender ID fields.

Default view

On this page, the "Incoming communication" filter is automatically loaded, which only displays entries for communication modules.
(The default filter can be changed in the settings).


The files that can be opened are indicated in the table by a bold font of the file name. Files can be opened by a mouse click on the file name, or by the entry Archive file in the context menu.


All sessions associated with the document can be opened from the context menu. Additionally, logs and error reports can be opened.

Explanations to the columns

Filestatus (OFTP2)

Files that have been received and for which a (negative) acknowledgement of receipt has been created have the status WAIT. The system waits for the receipt confirmation to be sent. As soon as the acknowledgement of receipt has been transmitted to the partner, the status changes to OK. If an error occurs while the file is being received or even during unpacking, decrypting and/or signature verification, the status is set to ERROR.

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