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Editing existing server entries

To edit existing entries, if needed, enter the option number into the choice box at the beginning of the line of the corresponding entry:

Option 2Change Server Entry
To change a server entry, enter option 2 into the corresponding choice box. In the following display all of the related data can be changed. The meaning and possible options can be found in the section "i-effect *SERVER Parameters."
Option 3Hold Server Entry
This option can be used to exclude predefined server entries from processing.
Option 4Delete Server Entry
Use this option to delete server entries, which will then no longer be processed automatically. By confirming the next display, this entry is deleted from the server pool.
Option 6Release Held Server Entries
Use this option to release server entries, which are on HOLD, for further processing.
Option 7Change Sequence Number
If changing the sequence of the processing steps is desired, this option can be used to change the sequence number.
Option 9Display Command
The command which underlies the entry will be displayed with its parameters.
The list of the individual i-effect commands conforms to i-effect's *SERVER module, i.e. entries of other tables will be transferred into the corresponding command parameter.
Option 33This option copies a server entry from an existing number into a new sequence number. All of the existing data will be transferred.
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