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Creation of a certificate request (Certificate Request)

To have your certificate signed by a higher authority (Certificate Authority), i.e. to have the certificate authenticated, a certificate request must be generated. Proceed as follows:

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the entry of the key pair and right-click. In the displayed context menu select menu item "Generate Certification Request".

    A "Save As" dialog window will open as pictured below.
  2. Select a folder and type in the title of the certificate request. Please note: One of the two file extensions (*.p10 ; *.csr), which are proposed under file type, must be added. Corfirm with "Generate".To have your certificate signed by a Certificate Authority, the generated certificate request file must be transmitted to a Certificate Authority. After successful validation, the Certificate Authority will send back a signed certificate, which has to be reimported into the keystore.

    The newly generated certificate and the certificate signed by the Certificate Authority can now be sent to your partners. The generated certificate is considered trustworthy. However, the certificate signed by a Certificate Authority must exist in your partner's keystore before your certificate is imported.
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