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Creating a new keystore

  1. Start"i-effect®Keymanager".
    A dialog window as shown below will appear:

  2. To generate a new keystore, proceed as follows:

    File -> New Keystore (Ctrl + N)
    The following dialog window will appear:

    The following keystore formats are supported:

    • JKS: Java Keystore (Sun Keystore Format)
    • PKCS#12: Public Key Cryptography Standards #12 Keystore(RSA's Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard)
    • JCEKS: Java Cryptography Extension Keystore(More secure version of JKS)
    • BKS: Bouncy Castle Keystore(Bouncy Castle's version of JKS)
    • UBER: Bouncy Castle UBER Keystore(More secure version of BKS)
  3. Select the keystore format PKCS#12 and confirm with "OK" to return to the main menu. Now the newly generated keystore can be saved as follows:

    File -> Save Keystore / Save Keystore (Ctrl + S)

    The creation of a password for the newly generated keystore will be requested.

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