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Automatic certificate change

The functionality is available from V2R7M0.51 for the modules *AS2, *EMAIL, *HTTP and does not apply to the module *OFTP2.

Usage start time

The start time for certificates and keys can be defined in the keystore in the alias name of the entry.

The time must be specified in the format YYYYMMMDDhhmmss and preceded by 3 times underscore ___ as start identifier.


To define 01.08.2018 at 12:45:15 as the usage time for the keystore entry,
the name must be renamed or created as2.menten.com___20180801124515.

Naming convention

The name/all characters before the underscores ___ represent the base name of the entry.

This (base)name must still be specified in the i-effect configuration, i.e. without any underscores or timestamps in the name.
Otherwise the logic for the automatic change does not work.


Backward compatibility

For reasons of backward compatibility, the entries in keystore having no timestamp in the name 'win' during the search.


There are three entries with alias or base name '' in the keystore, the alias without timestamp is always loaded and used.
even if one of the other two entries would fit from the start time as well:



Automatic change

So that the automatic change of a certificate can work at a certain time,
the respective alias names may only be located in the keystore with a timestamp.

The entry valid from the time stamp first on a day or time is then loaded and used.


Change for Alias '' on 01.09.2018 at 18:15:10,
until then the first entry valid since 01.09.2016 13:20:00 is used (referred e.g. to 01.01.2018)



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