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ZF2INVPT - Payment instructions

Column name

In use?StatusColumn definitionColumn descriptionTechnical termExample
VARCHAR(15)Internal pagination numberInternal invoice number (i-effect column)
DECIMAL(5, 0)ID of the Payment MethodID of the payment method (i-effect column)
PTPAYTYPxrequiredCHAR(5)Payment TypePayment type
PTPAYINFxoptionalVARCHAR(75)Payment Type DescriptionText on the payment method
Payment card information (optional)
PTATSPMIDxrequiredINTEGERPayment card numberPayment card number
PTATSPMCHxoptionalVARCHAR(25)Name of the payment cardholderName of the payment cardholder
Bank institute of the buyer (optional)
PTBUYIBANxrequiredVARCHAR(45)Buyer IBANDirect debit: Identification of the account to be debited
Bank transfer (optional)
PTCREIBANxoptionalVARCHAR(45)Payment Account IBANIdentification of the payment account
PTCREFANxoptionalVARCHAR(75)Payment Account nameName of the payment account
PTCREFANRxoptionalVARCHAR(25)Payment Account numberNational account number (not for SEPA)
Bank institution of the seller (optional)
PTSELBBICxrequiredVARCHAR(15)Seller BICIdentification of the payment service provider
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