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User settings

The default settings for the login and view are conducted here.


Cycles through the choice of languages for the program interface.

Start page

The page that will be displayed after login. User-defined links can be entered along with preset selections.

Timeout  (minutes)

Time in minutes of inactivity, after which your session will be locked.

The time that a notification remains visible (in seconds).

Displays the corresponding RRN in the first column of the table view.

Displays the SQL commands used for calling up or saving data. This setting should be activated in case of an error message for support.

Determines if filter settings will be automatically opened for active filters when a page is loaded.

Determines whether the filter settings are automatically collapsed when the filters are executed.

This setting will always load the last configured timer for a page. If the setting is deactivated, the timer is always off when opening a page.

Number of entries per page

Number of shown records per page. This value will be used for all pages after login, but can be changed for the current session for every page.

Also shows sessions with *IDLE status for the *SERVER module in the session log. 

File format to directly open and display print data in a browser.
Possible formats: PDF, CSV, HTM, RTF, SAV, TIFF, TXT, XLS

Info: The browser should be able to display this file format using a plugin.

Configures the folder depth of filenames to the left, which is used for monitoring the 'Short filename' columns.
Possible values are 0 - 5, (the value 5 shows a maximum of 5 folders from the filename upwards, the value 0 shows only the filename)

Number of the table entries that are displayed on the dashboard.

Live-Interval for dashboard statistics

Time frame for the update of the Live-View of statistics (seconds).

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