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Touch operation

WebControl can be used easily with a tablet computer. Depending on the system used, there are the following functions and particularities:

  • All pop-up dialogues can be moved
  • Column widths can be modified. In order to hit the small line between the columns it may be necessary to enlarge the specific area. The same occurs for the modification of the box sizes on the dash board.
  • Scroll bars are not shown under iOS. It is nevertheless possible to scroll within tables, boxes and pop-ups without difficulty.
  • In the menus table columns and view, as well as by using the navigation in the settings, the entries will shift temporarily when the arrows are clicked on.
  • In the multiple selection of the filter other values will not automatically be deselected if "all" is selected. Just like before, the key "all" will not be deselected if other entries are ticked. The deactivation should therefore always be made manually.
  • On mobile devices, the context menu can be opened with the inserted icon at the beginning of a line.

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