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An adjustable timer allows that the displayed data sets are automatically updated after a specific time.

The timer can be opened by clicking the clock-symbol in the menu bar. By means of the slide control, it is possible to set a time in graduations of 5 seconds, in which the update of the table should take place. The chosen time will be shown as a number below the regulator. The red stop button as well as the lowest setting on the slide control switches off the timer and the value 0 is written below the control.

The release of the controller closes the timer and and immediately activates the settings. Loaded timer can be identified by the black, filled out clock-symbol.

The timer setting will be saved for the period of the log in and loaded automatically when the page will be opened once again. If an active timer is supposed to load after a new log in, the option Load timer after log in can be activated.

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