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Tasks in Conditions

In addition to tasks that are carried out after a condition test, tasks can also be used within the condition test, to process a testing value before the actual test.

One possibility is if only a part of a character string should be compared to a reference value.
Other possibilities could be to test if a number has an even or uneven value.

Because conditions always consist of two comparison values, it is possible to define a task or a sequence of tasks for each of the relevant compari-son values.

As mentioned in the section Task Configuration most tasks have the two reserved parameters: input and storeIn.
Generally these two parameters have the pre-set value from $CURRENT , which contains the mapping value.

Conditions task are not pre-set with the value$CURRENT , but rather with the variables $CONDITIONLEFT and $CONDITIONRIGHT, which are the only ones available with conditions tasks.

Pre-set if conditions left tasks will be opened

Pre-set if conditions right tasks will be opened

Depending on where the condition task dialog was opened, the corresponding variables will be available.

These variables will be filled in with the testing values of the corresponding side BEFORE the condition and can be changed BEFORE actual testing occurs.

All further conditions test will overwrite both of these variables!

If the edited value is to be used it must be assigned to the variable $CURRENT using a task!

The source value is data, which will be converted into a set format before conditions are evaluated. The converted format will also be written into the target.

To avoid having to call up the convertDate-task in the task area, the converted value should be carried over.
Using the task setString will take the converted value from $CONDITIONLEFT and copy it into the variable $CURRENT . Generally the value, if not changed by other values or replaced by another value, will be copied into the target field.

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