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Before the installation starts, you will get an overview showing all settings for the installation of i-effect®.
At this point you can make sure, that all settings are correct and use the back Button to go back to previous screens and correct your input.

Do not install (download packages only)

This option loads the complete i-effect® software package from the internet, so that you can later install them using the "offline" installation method.

Install only (Offline installation - do not download packages)

This option is used if software packages have previously being loaded with the option Do not install, just download packages, or if the complete ISO install package has been downloaded from the Internet and is already in the /software subfolder of the installation directory.


Click Back to return to the previous screen. Click Abort to abort the installation. No changes are made to the system until you click Install.


The installation will start with the selections made in the previous screens. 

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