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Setup FTP-Server (*FTPSRV)

To set up an FTP server, please navigate to the menu item Communication → Profile and select Create new entry.

In the new window, choose *FTPSRV as the module and *BOTH as the direction.

You can also add a meaningful description.

Next, configure the connection settings of the FTP server. Here it is particularly important that you choose a port that is not yet used by another application.

You can also specify to which IP addresses the server should bind itself, whether the login with anonymity is permitted and which logon limit should apply for anonymity.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to determine the settings for the active data connection.

If you want to configure your FTP server with an SSL connection, select Enable SSL in the SSL menu item. SSL-imply can remain disabled for the time being. You can leave *TLS as SSL protocol.

Now select the keystore from which the certificate is to be selected and enter the password for accessing the key pair.

Finally, select the key alias of a key pair and the password.

After you have made all settings, you can save the forumlar and create users for access in the next step.

Please make sure to restart the *FTP subsystem to load the new configuration.

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