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Sending XInvoice with SNDFILE

XInvoice files created with i-effect can be sent automatically with the SNDFILE command. When using SNDFILE, the special value *FRMFILE can be used for recipient and sender. This way, the information about buyer and seller, which is stored in the ZF2INVHT database, is used to determine the necessary information for the dispatch type and method from the i-effect partner master data and the sender profiles. The found configuration is then used to send the file.

The following functionality is only possible from version 2.9.10!

If a different sender or recipient is required for sending the XInvoice file, the database fields EXTERNAL_ORIGINATOR and EXTERNAL_RECIPIENT from ZF2INVHT can be used to refer to the respective partner or sender profile from the i-effect partner master data and to use the configuration from these.

Sequence for determining sender and recipient

The following sequence applies for determining the sender and recipient:

  1. The entered values from table ZF2INVHT: EXTERNAL_RECIPIENT and EXTERNAL_ORIGINATOR.
  2. Indexes found by the fileparser (ID of buyer/seller of the XInvoice)
  3. A distinction is made between the general and the global ID (HTGSEID, HTGSEGLN for the seller and HTGBID, HTGBGLN for the buyer).

The value found first in each case is used to search the partner data in the following order.

Sequence for the recipient:

  1. Partner ID
  2. Partner characteristic *GLN (applies only to the global ID)
  3. Partner characteristic *INTERNAL (applies only to the general ID)

Sequence for the sender:

  1. The sender profile ID (applies only to the global ID).
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