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Sender details for the *OFTP module

To reach the menu where an OFTP sender partner can be added, select menu item 51 in the i-effect main menu. A list of existing sender partner entries will appear. Press F6 to call up the menu where a new sender partner can be added. Enter a unique ID/name and a description for the sender partner. Press enter and the new entry appears on the list. To change the entry, use option 2 in the corresponding choice box and scroll down to OFTP details.

SFID SenderIn an OFTP transmission, the SFID segment (Start File Identification) indicates the originator of a file. The SFID will be filled by the defined ID if a corresponding originator ID is selected when starting an OFTP communication. If no originator is selected, the SFID originator ID is the SSID originator ID. The originator of the file is identical to the initiator of the communication.
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