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Sender details for the *AS2 module

In "AS2 Details", originator specific AS2 details for communication can be stored. If necessary, it is possible to use different AS2 originator detail sets for communication with different partners. All AS2 details can be referred to by entering the entry's name into the command SNDAS2 in the parameter "Originator ID". Unnecessarily repeated entry of the same data is avoided.
To reach the menu where an AS2 originator partner can be added, select menu item 51 in the i-effect® main menu. A list of existing originator partner entries will appear. Press F6 to call up the menu where a new originator partner can be added. Enter a unique ID/name and a description for the originator partner. Press enter and the new entry appears on the list. To change the entry, use option 2 in the corresponding choice box.

The following display will appear:


AS2 Sender IDThe originator ID serves to define a clear message ID (in the form: ) for outbound AS2 messages. It is recommended that you use your domain name because it is already clearly defined on the Internet. This ID will be transmitted in the header of the AS2 message.
AS2 Sender Email AddressAn email address can be entered here. It serves as general contact information and is the address where error messages about failed AS2 transactions are sent. Usually the address of the EDI department or the AS2 contact person is used.
AS2 Sender NameEnter either the official name of the organization, or company, or the name of the i-effect® AS2 software will be used (default value). This field has only a descriptive character, its content is arbitrary. The parameter is not involved in receiving or sending processes. The name will be transmitted in the header of the AS2 message.
AS2 Signature AliasEnter the alias name under which the key pair is stored in the keystore. This key pair (more precisely: the private key) serves to digitally sign an AS2 message. The alias name entered here MUST be identical to the alias name under which the key pair is stored in the keystore.
AS2 Signature AlgorithmThis parameter defines the algorithm by which the *AS2 message is signed.
The following values are possible:


*NONEThe message is not signed.
*MD5The message is signed by a MD5 (Message Digest 5) signature algorithm.
*SHA1The message is signed by a SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) signature algorithm.
AS2-FROMThis is the distinct AS2 originator ID. It is inserted as sender into the outbound message. This ID enables the recipient to clearly identify the originator of the AS2 message.
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