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The file "" can be used to assign SFIDs to an SSID. This is always the case if the SFID differs from the SSID. The final destination is behind a gateway and you need to specify where outgoing files are to be sent.

The file is stored in the Ieffect installation folder in the OFTP2 directory. If the file does not exist or a setting is not specified, the corresponding default value is used. Lines beginning with # are ignored and can be used as comment lines.

With build 2.7.55 a database table was introduced in which known SFIDs are stored. You can assign these to a partner profile or a *SEND profile. The option "Import unknown SFIDs" can be activated in the partner profile so that an acknowledgement of receipt can be sent back to unknown SFIDs without entering the SFID manually.

An SFID-SSID pair is always in one line with the notation:

Often the Odette ID distinguishes between SFID and SSID, then it is entered as follows:

Example: Three stations/destinations behind a gateway

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