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Restore reorganized archive

In the section Monitoring (exepct for prinouts) you can see the Reorg menu, which can be used to restore archived entries to the system using the i-effect Reorg function.

the current logbook is always shown with the entry live view, as soon as an archive is restored and selected, the name of this Reorg is displayed in the menu bar.


To restore an archive, the menu item restore archive must be selected. A form opens in which the name must be entered and a ZIP file containing the archived data must be selcted. 

Once the recovery has started, a status window will appear. The name of the library where it will be saved and a status of the operation are displayed here. Depending on the size of the archives, this process can take a relatively long time. You can leave this window open and wait for the process to happen - after completion the archive will be selected and displayed automatically. Alternatively, the window can be closed - the status is then automatically updated in the background and a notification appears as soon as the process is completed. The archive is then not automatically loaded, however, but must be selected via the menu.

A maximum of 100 archives can be restored, which are then accessible to all WebControl users. When restoring, new libraries are automatically created in the naming scheme IEFFTEMP00 - IEFFTEMP99.

Existing archives can be removed from the system using the Delete icon next to the entry in the menu. In addition, there is a button in the settings with which all existing archives can be deleted at once by the system.

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