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A WebControl Report is a summary of several data sets or detailed information exported from the info-dialogue in a PDF or excel file. The function is available on all pages with table view. 

 Calling the report function

The report function can be called in two places:

First by using the menu create report in the menu bar, you can create reports for several entries. 

Second, a PDF report can be created to a specific record via the context menu.

Reports from the report menu

In the menu bar, you can create reports for a selection of records. Creating a report is either possible from a group of entries selected via check box or selected by a filter.

Also in addition to the PDF format, an excel file can be exported. Excel is particularly useful when the records are to be processed further. Whereas the layout of the PDF can individually be customized in the settings and is suitable for printing. 

The maximum number of 10.000 is prescribed so that the amount of pages of the report does not become too high, preventing a timeout during the creation of the file.

Saving and loading layouts

The report layout can be individually customized as well as the form of the table. The normal web site display of the respective table serves as a basis.

This can be edited by the function selection and sort of the columns, as well as modification of the column width. After that, the table layout can be saved as template for this specific page in the menu Create report - Layout - Save. This layout will be used for the reports from now on, independent of whether the layout is changed in the meantime or not.

The report always contains only the columns in the order, which are also contained in the allocated table view. A PDF report also takes the set width for each table column.

If no report layout is saved yet, the standard layout of the page will be used for the report

If it is intended to change the existing report layout, click create report - layout load to open a table layout for this page. The layout can now be changed in order to save it as a new report layout.

The layout of a PDF report con be further customized in the settings. PDF templates can be uploaded as well as page titles, distances, colors and overview pages can be adjusted.

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