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Print editions

The page Print editions shows all existing spool-entries. As a standard view for this page a defined system filter IEFFECT is loaded, which only shows spool-entries of the i-effect®software (user IEFFECT). If a filter is selected, you can see it on the one hand by the dark red font of the filter settings and on the other hand by the fact that in the upper right corner a red filter Filter: User IEFFECT is shown.

By using the pre-selection IEFFECT it is possible to get results more quickly. In the case that there are many existing entries, the page display can be slowed down as soon as the filter is removed or changed.

Possible activities on this page:


The filter settings can not only be used to search by using the search-field but also by using the date of creation, the user as well as the fields jobs, file, status and output-queue.

The preselection IEFFECT accelerates the display. If there are many entries, the page structure may slow down as soon as the filter is removed or changed.

Stop or release

If you open the context menu with a right mouse click, you can either release a paused entry or stop it.

Change spool file's attributes

The menu item change spool file's attributes in the context menu opens a the instruction-mask in which the parameter of the system instruction CHGSPLFA for this entry can be changed.

Run server entry

Run server entry opens a pop-up in which a server entry can be chosen with which the printing order can be executed again. The current printing order is additionally shown in a box, also including the most important information.

Export file

Directly exports into a file with the format: PDF, CSV, HTML, RTF, SAV, TIFF, TXT, XLS, XML.

Custom file export

Opens an instruction-mask in which the parameter of the i-effect®instructions for the export into the formats PDF, CSV, HTML, RTF, SAV, TIFF, TXT, XLS, XML can be changed.
If the instructions are followed, the chosen file-format will be converted and the file will be opened.

At the beginning of the table view is an icon for a fil-format in which the according printing order can be shown directly in the browser. The file-format can be adjusted using further settings, but attention should be paid to always choosing a format which the browser can show directly or which can be shown using a plugin.

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