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Technical requirements

In order to use i-effect *AS2, some requirements must be met or, if necessary, some configuration steps must be taken. The following list provides an overview of the most important infrastructure requirements in your company:

  • Internet access with a fixed or dynamic IP address that can be reached from outside.
  • Access to a DNS server to resolve host names and IP addresses (this may also have to be done manually in the host table)
  • At least two free ports (1024<Port<=65535) for AS2 communication from AS2 client and AS2 server. The default AS2 port for HTTP is 4080.
  • If necessary, activation of the port for the AS2 server with partner IP address on the firewall

If necessary, convert (NAT) the public IP address/port to the IP address of the Power Systems.

Required communication profiles

To use i-effect AS2, it is necessary to create some master data and communication profiles. The following must be carried out:

For receiving AS2 messages:

  • Create one or more AS2 servers (HTTP/HTTPS).

For sending AS2 messages:

For each AS2 communication partner,:

  • an AS2 send profile can be created
  • of the partner in the EDI master data
  • of the created partners can be linked to the created AS2 send profile.


Create an AS2 sender partner that contains your sender-specific AS2 data. You can then specify this sender as a parameter when calling SNDAS2. From this, i-effect AS2 uses the sender parameters required for sending.

Required master data

To set up AS2 communication with your partner, the following information is required.

Your details (i-effect send and receive profile)
Client information (send AS2 messages)
AS2.IDYour unique AS-ID: You can assign this ID yourself. This ID is used as the recipient and sender identifier.
Information about your server (receiving AS2 messages)
Hostname/IPThe host name or IP address on which the AS2 server is accessible to the outside world.
PortThe port on which the AS2 server can be reached.
SSLSpecifies whether the server can only be reached via SSL

nformation of your partner (i-effect send profile)
Client information (send AS2 messages)
AS2.IDThe unique AS-ID of your partner: This ID is used as the recipient identifier.
ZertifikatCertificate Your partner's certificate. This is used for the signature and encryption of the messages.
Verschl├╝sslungsalgorithmusEncryption algorithm Specifies the encryption algorithm (e.g. AES256).
MDN-OptionMDN option Specifies whether the MDN (acknowledgement of receipt) is to be sent synchronously or asynchronously.
MDN-SignaturMDN signature Specifies which algorithm is used and whether the MDN is to be signed.
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