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Partner master data for the *ZIP module

The following describes the parameters that are only available if the *ZIP module is installed.

Compression Parameter:
Compress?Determines if outbound data is to be compressed automatically with i-effect for the designated partner.
*YESYes, data will be compressed.
*NONo, send data will not be compressed.
Create ZIP archive:By compression, either a gzip file or a ZIP archive will be created.
*YESYes, a ZIP archive will be created.
*NONo, a simple gzip file will be created.
Decompression Parameter:
Decompress?Determines if received data is to be decompressed automatically with i-effect® for the designated partner.
Possible values:
*YESYes, data is decompressed
*NONo, send data is not decompressed.

when using the *AS2, *EMAIL, *HTTP, *FTP and *TELEBOX modules with GZIP compression: If a partner is recognized/specified for sending/receiving, the ZIP settings will be used for the sent/received file(s). If specified, all input files packed by GZIP, and all files received will be automatically unpacked.

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