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Menu item 85: Start the i-effect subsystems (STREFFSBS)

Select menu item 85 in the i-effect main menu to start sub systems.

The following display will appear:

Use this dialog program to start all or individual i-effect sub systems. This will no longer be necessary after version V1R3M1, because the required sub systems will be started automatically.

Sub SystemEnter the sub system that is to be started.
The following values - depending on the modules be licensed - are possible:
 *ALLAll i-effect sub systems are started.
*AS2The i-effect AS2 sub system is started.
*IEFFECTThe i-effect IEFFECT sub system is started.
*SERVERThe i-effect SERVER sub system is started.
*TELEBOXThe i-effect TELEBOX sub system is started.
*OFTPThe i-effect OFTP sub system is started.



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