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Menu item 81: Working with logbook (WRKEFFLOG)

To work with the logbook, selectmenu item 81 "Work with Logbook"or enter the commandWRKEFFLOGin the i-effect®main menu. While working in i-effect®, pressingF13opens the"Work with Logbook"dialog program.

The following display will appear:

The i-effect®logbook serves as central area for documentation of all i-effect®processes. All processes are arranged chronologically and supplemented with comprehensive detailed information. Contents may be filtered using the appropriate options.


The dialog program displays a list of all logbook entries. The following details are listed for every i-effect®session number:

  • The i-effect®module that was used for the designated session.
  • Starting date and time of the session.
  • Ending date and time of the session.
  • Final status of the session.
  • The i-effect®action that was executed.

The following status values are possible:

OKThe session was successfully closed without any error.The session is currently active. The final status will be recorded when the session is ended. Use option F5 "Refresh" to refresh the statuses and display the final status of the session
AKTIVE(Deutsch) Die Sitzung ist zurzeit aktiv. Der endgültige Status wird erst nach Beendigung des Programms festgehalten. Betätigen Sie die Aktualisierungstaste, um die Anzeige zu aktualisieren und den endgültigen Status der Sitzung zu erhalten.
ESCAPEDuring the session a fatal error occurred that led to the abort of the session. The exact cause for the error and advice how to proceed are to be found in "Setting Activities" (option 5) as well as in the session's job protocol (option 7).
DIAGNOSISThe session was normally closed but the i-effect®control routine received one or more diagnostic messages, which are the reason for this final status. However, the causes were not serious enough for i-effect®to have aborted the session. "Setting Activities" (option 5) as well as in the session's job protocol (option 7) contain further information about the diagnostic messages.
WAITSpecial value for the *AS2 module marking that an asynchronous MDN is still expected.
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