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Menu item 53: EDI-communication resources

Menu item 53 is only relevant if communication is to be realized via TELEBOX.


This menu serves to manage all hardware resources available for communication tasks. A hardware configuration can be assigned to the corresponding Telebox communication profile in menu item 52 (using option 8). The following hardware types are available as resources:

    Digital ISDN Terminal Adapter on the AS/400 V.24
  • ISDN X25 (*ISDNX25)
    X.25 ISDN Terminal Adapter on the AS/400 V.24 or X.21 on the PC.
  • X.25 SVC (*X25)
    Datex-P Main Access

The following display shows menu item 53 with two created resources:

To create a communication resource, press F6.

The following program interface will appear:

Select the resource type by entering option number 1 into the corresponding choice box and press enter.
Below, the different resource's parameters will be explained.

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