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*ISDNX25 resource

Use Existing Line

This parameter determines if an already existing line description on the system will be used or a new line description is to be created. Usually, there will be an existing line if a Datex-P connection running several logical channels is in use.

*YESYes, an existing line is to be used.
*NONo, a new line will be created.
Line on / off

This parameter determines if lines are to be varied on and off automatically. In this case, the line needs not to be activated by operating staff.

*YES Yes, lines are varied on and off automatically
*NONo, lines must be varied on and off by the system user
Vary on and off during IPLLines managed here can be varied on automatically after system reboot. This field's entry controls the IPL ( ) value in the line description
Line NameEnter a line description name that is to be used for the resource.
Resource NameEnter the AS/400 resource name (CMN01/LIN011....).
Controller NameEnter a controller description name that is to be used for the resource.
Device NameEnter a device description name that is to be used for the resource.
Dial-in allowed?

For certain communication modules (e.g. OFTP), the partner's dial-in to this AS/400 system can be allowed. This parameter determines if this is generally allowed for this resource

*YES Yes, dial-in for certain modules is allowed.
*NONo, dial-in for this resource is not allowed.
Controller Name (dial-in)Enter, if allowed, a controller description name which is to be used here
Device Name (dial-in)Enter, if allowed, a device description name that is to be used here
Connection PrefixThis parameter determines additional numbers to be dialed before the connection number stored in the profile-resource-allocation. Using for example ATX1DT0 a "0" is prefixed to reach a subscriber line in a telephone system.
Name of Physical InterfaceEnter the name of the interface to which the resource is connected.
Possible values: *X21BISV24, *X21BISV35, *RS232V24, *RS449V36, *X21, *X31
Local Network AddressEnter the address (connection number) allocated to the line.
Packet SizeEnter the packed size to be used.
Possible values: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096
SpeedThis parameter determines the resource's line speed.
Valid values: 2400,4800,9600,14400,19200,38400,57600,64000....
DescriptionEnter a short description of the resource entry.
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