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Installation directories

The following screen is displayed for selecting the installation directories.

Temporary folder 

The temporary folder is used to store IFS objects used during the installation.

This parameter must be specified for a new installation as well as an update/upgrade installation.

Temporary library 

The temporary library stores the savefile for the installation of i-effect®, that is copied from the installation media during the installation. From this savefile objects can be restored. The temporary library may already exist.

This parameter must be specified for a new installation as well as an update/upgrade installation.

System library 

The system library contains all non iASP objects of the application.

During an update/upgrade the current librarys are used and the parameters cannot be changed. During a new installation the name can be freely selected. The default name is IEFFECTSYS.

Application library

The application library contains all iASP objects as well as the language objects of the primary language.

ASP unit for application library

If the system has iASP integrity configured, i-effect® can be installed as *SYSBAS or iASP installation. In case of an iASP installation, the iASP enabled objects of i-effect® (Libraries and directories) will be moved into the iASP during the installation. In case of a *SYSBAS installation they remain in the system ASP.


In case the library name is no valid library name, the input fields are marked as erroneous. Continuing the installation is not possible in this case, until the name has been corrected.

Additionally it is not possible do a new installation if the system- or application library already exists on the system. As long as it is recognized that one of both libraries exists, the installation cannot continue.


Click Back to return to the previous screen. Click Next to go to the next screen, or click Cancel to abort the installation. No changes are made to the system until you start the installation on the last screen.

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