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Identifying the installed version

Before you installl an update or upgrade, you may be required to query the currently installed version of the product. This can be done in one of the ways described below:

List of the installed license programs

The list of license programs installed in the system also contains the installed i-effect® versions.

To open the list, please enter the following command:


Select 10 in the displayed menu and search for the entry 2MEBEFF in the list. By pressing F11 the column Installed Release will be shown where you can read the version number of the current installed release.

Environment variables

i-effect® sets various environment variables during the installation, which provide information about the installed version.

To open the screen, please enter the following command:

The environment variable IEFFECT_VxRyMz_IASPLIB already contains the version ID of the installed i-effect® version in it's name. The value of the environment variable contains the name of the application library, which can be used in the next step to open the main menu of i-effect®, in which the version number can also be queried.

Main menu

By calling the main menu of i-effect®, for example with the command


and then press enter (WITHOUT making a selection in the menu), the following screen will display the details of the installed version of the product.

The environment variable IEFFECT_VxRyMz_IASPLIB contains the name of the i-effect® product library, which must be used to call i-effect® in the previous step.

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