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IBM i login

Before starting with the installation itself, you have to login to the system, to which i-effect® is going to be installed. Important is, that you are using a user profile, that has *ALLOBJ rights. Ideal you use the profile QSECOFR or a comparable profile for this.

Server IP/Name

The DNS name or the IP address of the system on which i-effect® is to be installed.

User name 

Name of a user with *ALLOBJ rights.


Password for the login. 

If the installer could successfully logon the IBM i system, it will verify, that sufficient rights exist to proceed with the installation. If you try to sign on with a user profile having insufficient rights, you are not allowed to continue with the installation. A corresponding error message is displayed.


Click Back to return to the previous screen. Click Next to go to the next screen, or click Cancel to abort the installation. No changes are made to the system until you start the installation on the last screen.

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