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Functions of the Dashboard

Moving the dashboard content

All widgets on the dashboard can be moved freely. To move a widget it needs to be grabbed with a left-click on the title bar and dragged to the requested position, while holding down the mouse button. As soon as a widget reaches a new possible position during the adjustment a framed placeholder appears. By releasing the left mouse button the widget takes up the new position. Widgets can be adjusted between new columns, as well as different widgets. Minimized as well as opened boxes are adjustable.

Change the widget size 

Also the width and height of the widget can be adjusted individually for every widget. To do this, the mouse needs to hover over the lower frame of the widget until a double arrow is shown. Through left-clicking and dragging of the mouse the width or hight of a widget can be adjusted.


This button updates the content of the widget. During the update, the icon changes to a loading screen. If a diagram is switched to a live view, this icon is hidden.

Close widget

This button will remove the widget from the dashboard.


As with the tables of the logbook, there is also a timer function for many widgets, which update the content in a configurable interval.

The timer selection is opened via the clock symbol in the upper right corner. The displayed slider can be used to set a time for the updates of the widgets in increments of 5 seconds. The selected time is displayed as a numerical value under the slider. The red "stop" button or the lowest setting of the slider switches the timer off and the value "0" is displayed.

By releasing the slider, the selected timer setting is immediately active. Loaded timers can be recognized directly at the red symbol.


Filter period

For the module overview and the diagrams of the logbook, there is a time selection as filter. The menu offers several predefined time periods. You can select the last year, the last month, the last 7 days and the last 24 hours, whereby the view shows the selected period retroactively from the current time (date + time). Alternatively, the displayed period can be freely selected between two dates. 

Live view

You can also select a live view for the logbook diagrams of the session status and the sent and received objects. In diagrams where a live view is selected, a button for pausing the view appears. If the view is paused, the button changes to a play button with which the live view can be continued.


In all widgets with tables, the displayed columns can be customized. The function is the same as in the tables of the logbook, but the changes are immediately applied to the view. The checkbox next to the entry selects whether the column is displayed. With the areas on the right, the order can changed by dragging and dropping with the mouse.

Reset view

In all widgets with tables, this button can be used to restore the basic view with one click. Sort, column width and displayed columns then correspond to the original values.

Sort and width of table columns 

Also tables displayed on the dashboard can be sorted by the column name and changed in the column width. The first row of the table shows the column names, with which the records can be sorted with one click. A small arrow in front of the column name indicated how the column is sorted and whether the sort is ascending or descending.  

If  you move the mouse over line between two table columns, the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow and the line is highlighted. Now you can grab die line with the mouse and drag the width of the column. 

Automatically save the view

As soon as a change is made by the user the dashboard is automatically saved in the background. The position, the size, as well as the individual settings are saved for every widget.
The dashboard therefore will be shown as it was left even if the user logs out.


The last loaded and named profile in the control bar is not saved through the automatic save. To save the current view in this profile, the save button needs to be used.


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