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Filter types

Selection with search

These fields are used for search criteria that offer a very large number of selection options and would therefore be too confusing in a drop-down field.

Instead, a text box is used that turns into a search box when clicked with the mouse, and displays a box of search results below it.
The button that also appears to the right displays all available data, while typing into the search box dynamically loads the matching entries into the box as a scrollable list. Clicking on a search result takes it over and enters it into the normal box. A close button, located on the far right, also ends the search and the previously entered value remains in the box.

Dropdown to select a value

Dropdown to select multiple values

Here you can select multiple values at the same time.

Timestamp ,Date, Time

The date selection is done by calendar function and can be selected within the times occurring in the records, for which the oldest and newest dates are automatically determined. A time picker is also available for the time fields to facilitate selection.

The date and time fields can be used independently of each other.

Period (days or seconds)

Enter the desired time period into this field.


List with numbers

A comma-separated list with multiple numbers.

Free text search

Searches in all fields of the table.

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