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How can I check my network configuration prior to starting the installation?

Using the IBM tool Administration Runtime Expert for i it is possible to check the systems' network configuration.

More details about this tool and his possibilities can also be found here:

Start QSHELL and start the following command. With this call the baseic network configuration settings will be checked.

/qibm/proddata/os/osgi/templates/bin/ -network 

The result of the check can be found in two files, that are created in the users home directory



Our system is saved day-to-day. For an upcoming installation of an upgrade I want to save I-effect® additionally because I have no direct access to the tape Backup. In case of a problem I want to switch to the previous version as soon as possible. How should I save i-effect®?

Create a local backup of the entire application in an image catalog as described in the article Backup i-effect

How can I restore my previous version fast and easily if the installation of i-effect® was interrupted?

Ideally, the installation routine will automatically restore the previous version of the product if an error occurs during installation. In exceptional cases, if this is not possible due to a serious problem, you can use the following instructions to manually restore from a backup as described in the previous article:

Use the instructions in Restore i-effect to restore i-effect completely.

How can I check if my i-effect® version was installed correct?

Use the following command to prove the status of an installation (Example i-effect® 2.3):


In the case that the installation is complete and correct there is the message:

"no errors found with CHKPRDOPT"

Where can I find the log files of the installation?

During installation using the graphical installer, log files are created in two different locations.

Client Protocol

The executed graphical installer generates logs that are stored in the local PC in the %appdata% directory.


Log file of the graphical installer from 19.05.2020 at 11:37:46.

It contains the job logs of the executed system commands (second level)


Log file of the graphical installer from 19.05.2020 at 11:37:46.

It contains the job logs of the executed system commands (first level)

Server Protocol

During the installation, the server runs installation scripts whose logs are located in the following location

/home/ieffect/internal/2020-05-19-install.logLog file of the installation scripts executed on the server during the installation from 19.5.2020
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