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Extended parameters of the module *SERVER

Select the *SERVER module by entering option number 8 into the corresponding choice box. In the dialog program "Change i-effect Module Data", parameters can now be modified.

The following options for the *SERVER module can be set:

SERVER Defaults:
*SERVER Working DirectoryThis directory temporarily stores files that were generated in a server process and serve as source files for further server processes.
Default Path: /i-effect//server/out
Server Monitor TimerTime between scans of IFS directories and DB2 libraries, both monitored by *MONITOR of the i-effect® *SERVER module.
Server Monitor RescanTime passing until the same file is called again for processing when scanning IFS directories and DB2 libraries, both monitored by *MONITOR of the i-effect® *SERVER module.
Backup Monitor Processing ListIt can be specified here, if a list of files/file names currently being monitored will be backed up when EFFSERVER subsystems are shut down. This list will be used during the next start up to restore the file/processing list for every monitor. Double or multiple processing due to system restart can be avoided with this option.
*YESProcessing/ File lists will be backed up at shutdown.
*NOProcessing/ File lists will not be backed up at shutdown.

The file is reprocessed untill it is either replaced or deleted from the monitored library/directory. This parameter only specifies the duration of the interval during which processed files existing in the library/directory are not processed.

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