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Create an FTP server profile

In the partner base menue „52" of the i-effect main menue you can create a FTP server profile by pressing F6 and then selection 1 before *FTPSRV. This can be used for the transmit and receive directions. (Direcition *BOTH).

Now you can configure the needed parameters:


Port numberPort number where the server is waiting for connection.
Threads MaximumMaximum number of created threads.
The special value *AUTO complies to the login limit or if it is *NOMAX, it is 16.
Login limitRestricts the amount of logins at the server. The navigation in the data system and any data connection (download/upload) counts as a login. The special value *NOMAX does not comply to a limit.
Login error limitMaximum number of errors during the login, before the server disconnects the connection.
Login error delayTime in milliseconds between two login attempts.
Idle TimeoutThe time in seconds that a user can be idle before the connection will be disconnected.
Enable anonymous accessEnable anonymous access. A special user 'anonymous' who is able to login without a password. The user must be named in the user manager to determine the home directory.
*YESActivate anonymous.
*NOPassword needed.
Maximal anonymous loginsRestricts the amount of logins of anonymous users.
The special value *NOMAX does not restrict the amount of anonymous users.
IP bindingBinds the port to a specific IP address.
The special value *ALLbinds the port to all available IP addresses.
Data idle timeoutTime in seconds that can elapse without data traffic until the data connection will be disconnected.
IP in a passive modeThe IP address the server waits for data connection.
On the special value *CONTROL the same IP address on which the commands are transferred are used.
Extern IP in a passive modeThe IP address that a client receives to establish a data connection.
This is useful when the server is behind a NAT firewall and the client sees another IP address.
On the special value *NONE the Client uses the visible IP address.
Ports in a passiv mode

A list of ports, devided through commas, which should be used for a passiv data connection.


Single port

2300-2399Port range
2300-Port range (all greater 2300)
Is the special value *AUTOgiven the server chooses automatically out of all available ports.

Indicates whether the active data connection should be activated.

*YESActivate anonymous.
*NOPassword needed.
IP-test in the active mode

Proofs if the Client IP address of the date connection corresponds with the Client IP address of the commands. If this is not going to be proofed the Client can/let send data of another source, for example an other FRP server. Not activated for reasons of safety.

*YESActivate anonymous.
*NOPassword needed.
IP in an active modeThe IP address that is used for the deveopment of the data connection.
If the special value *AUTO is given, an available address is automatically going to be used..
Port in the active modeThe port that is used for the development of the data connection.
If the special value *AUTO is given, an available port is automatically going to be used.
Activate SSLActivate SSL for this FTP server.


*YESActivate anonymous.
*NOPassword needed.
Imply SSLActivate implicit SSL for this FTP Server.


*YESActivate anonymous.
*NOPassword needed.
SSL protocolIndicates which protocol should be used. The latest available version of the protocol is going to be used.


*TLSActivate anonymous.
*SSLPassword needed.
Keystore pathAbsolute path to the keystore.
Keystore passwordPassword to open the keystore.
Keystore key nameName of the key within the Keystore. If no name is given the first key is going to be used.

In this parameter you can state a short description for the given FTP Server.

This description is of purely informal character so that it can be choosed by you.

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