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Create a Mapping file

Create first mapping

To create a mapping please proceed as follows:

Step 1 - Begin a new mapping:

Navigate to File → New → Mapping

Step 2 - Specify file name:

Specify the file name.

Step 3 - Select source and target module:

Now click next to select the source and targetmodule. Also you can choose a title for the mapping at this point: 

Step 4 - Ready-made Mapping:

The new mapping has now been created and loaded successfully. You should see the following screen.

Database connection does not exist

To add a database connection , please proceed  as follows:

Step 1:

Go through Window → Preferences to the point i-effect

Step 2:

There you go to the tab Mapgui.

Step 3:

Now click on configure DB.

Step 4:

Click on connections and enter your parameters and click save and apply.

Step 5:

Now restart your Eclipse by clicking File → Restart

Step 6:

Subsequently, both modules are loaded.


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