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Control bar

The upper side area is divided into two parts:

The i-effect®-logo at the top left corner works as a link to the homepage which is determined in the settings. The start page shows the page settings which were set up after the first login. Next to the logo there is also an icon for folding in the left navigation as well as the title of the currently accessed page

On the right is the name of the user who is logged-in. Behind the name, there is a menu with the links to the settings, helpdesk, lock screen and the logout.

Next to that, there is also an icon for opening the subsystem menu and an icon to open the favorites menu.

On the far right is a button to open a sidebar with messages to your i-effect software. The number of unread messages is shown on a coloured badge.


The control bar always remains on the upper side edge when scrolling.



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