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In most tables, a context menu can be opened by right-clicking on an entry. In this menu, you can call up all the actions available for the entry, such as displaying details, editing, deleting, duplicating, and so on.

In addition, this menu connects the tables to each other by displaying links to other tables that exist for the entries. The number of linked elements is also displayed. Associated shortcuts are sorted into submenus for a better overview.

The following commands are provided for editing entries:

Edit entry

Opens the edit-mask with the data of the entry.

Rename entry

Opens a simple edit-mask with the key fields of the entry. These can only be renamed here, in the normal edit-mask the key fields are locked after the first entry has been made.
Before saving. the system check whether an entry with identical key fields already exists.

Duplicate entryDuplicates an entry with all settings except the key fields by opening it in the edit mask. When saving, a new data record is created.
Delete entr Deletes the entry. To prevent accidental deletion, the deletion must be confirmed.
Copy to another profile

Copies an entry from a subordinate table to another, higher-level profile.
This option is available in the Automation section and the forwarding rules.

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