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Configuration and settings EDIFACT-Module

EDIFACT as source

The following options are available for EDIFACT as source:

Service directory: Select the edifact service directory version.

Subset: Select the edifact subset.

Escaped characters: Insert additional escaped characters.

Characters: Insert additional characters.

APERAK filepath: Insert a path to create an APERAK message.

CONTRL file path: Insert a path to create a CONTRL message.

EDIFACT as target

The following options are available for CSV as target:

Service directory: Select the edifact service directory version.

UNA service characters: Insert the the characters that are used as UNA service characters.

Empty file log level: Select the log level for an empty file.

CCSID: Specify the codepage that will be used to save the target file.

Character set: Select the edifact character set.

Number format: Insert the format for numbers.

Character replacement: Select this option to use the standard character replacements in the target file.

Characters: Insert the characters you want to replace.

Replacements: Insert the characters that will replace the characters from option Characters.

Newline: Select this option to insert an end of line character after each element.

UNH value: Select this option to fill the UNH values automatically. For details see below.

UNH fill automatically

0065Message type 
0052Message version number 
0054Message release number 
0051Controlling agency, codedDistinguish UN and EN
0057Association assigned codeIs inserted if 0051 has the value EN

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