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Conditions and/or tasks on groups

There are situations, in which conditions and tasks can be used for all mappings within a group. In stead of copying the conditions and tasks for every mapping, it is possible to bind all valid conditions and tasks to the group field.

The advantage is that it is easier to maintain the mapping, because all changes are made at one location only.

Conditions and tasks defined in 1 are applied to every mapping 2. For every mapping additional conditions and tasks can also be defined.
The processing sequence dictates that the group's condition be tested first. If it is run successfully, a condition test of the mapping will be run, if applicable. If this test is also successful, the group's tasks and then the mapping's tasks will be run.

Normally group conditions and connection conditions are connected by an OR which means: one must be correct. It the connection AND was selected for the group condition, both must be correct.

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