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This chapter describes the procedure of the compression and decompression of power system files in detail. i-effect enables the work with different archive formats (Zip, Zip64, AR, CPIO, Tar, 7z, (incl. COPY, LZMA2, DEFLATE, BZIP2), JAR (incl. pack200) as well as ARJ and DUMP) and with compressor formats (Gzip, BZIP2, XZ, LZMA).

The addition of spool files is only supported for the formats Zip and Gzip due to the fact that the commentary function of the formats is needed. The DB2 file system can be used with all formats. However, only the Zip and Gzip formats support the additional information in the comment.

To use the described functions you at least need to have a license for the i-effect modules *BASE and *ZIP.

  1. Select the menu option 11 of the i-effect main menu, to get into the compression menu.
  2. Follow the directions in the next chapter.
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