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Command mask

In the server section and on some other pages, i-effect commands are used. A seperate mask is available for convenient entering and edeting of the commands.

To open the command mask, right-cklick to select configure processing. A new tab opens. There, use the right-click and choose edit entry and then record command.

After a short loading phase, during which the command is created and transmitted, the following screen appears:

Related parameters are displayed in groups. Since many values are dependent on each other, it is possible that some fields are displayed or hidden as soon as another value is changed.

If it is possilbe to enter several sets of identical values within a group, these values are provided with a frame under which an icon with + symbol appears on the right-hand side.Click on the + button to add another set. If several sets are displayed, they are seperated by a horizontal line. To remove a set, simply click on the icon with - symbol next to each other.

With a click on the save command button, the command is checked and potential errors are displayed. If no error occurs, the command is accepted. The chancel button cancels the process and returns to the previous view.

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